Why is Media Propaganda So Effective?

Deepak Chopra writes:
“There are constant forks in the road that shape the invisible structure of the mind depending on the road we choose. The key words for such choices are

Comfortable with uncertaintyCrave security
Personal insightReceived opinion
Spiritually orientedMaterialistic
Self-acceptingGuilty, self-denying
Altruistic, selflessEgo-driven
Deepak Chopra, “Life After Death,” p. 103

Carl Jung in “Memories, Dreams, Reflections,” writes:

“Our age has shifted all emphasis to the here and now, and thus brought about a daimonisation of man and his world. The phenomenon of dictators and all the misery they have wrought springs from the fact that man has been robbed of transcendence by the shortsightedness of the super-intellectuals. … As far as we can discern, the sole purpose of human existence is to kindle a light in the darkness of mere being.” p. 358

“Angels who fall … release the well-known effect of ‘inflation,’ which we can also observe nowadays in the megalomania of dictators: the angels beget with men a race of giants which ends by threatening to devour mankind…” (p. 359)

“The Christian world is now truly confronted by the principle of evil, by naked injustice, tyranny, lies, slavery, and coercion of conscience.” (p. 360)

“The individual is so unconscious that he altogether fails to see his own potentialities for decision. Instead he is constantly and anxiously looking around for external rules and regulations which can guide him in his perplexity…. A good deal of the blame for this rests with education, which promulgates the old generalizations and says nothing about the secrets of private experience…

“The individual who wishes to have an answer to the problem of evil, as it is posed today, has need, first and foremost, of self-knowledge, that is, the utmost possible knowledge of his own wholeness.” (p. 362)

“We stand face to face with the terrible question of evil and do not even know what is before us, let alone what to pit against it.” (p. 363)

“As the result of the political situation and the frightful, not to say diabolic, triumphs of science, we are shaken by secret shudders and dark forebodings; but we know no way out, and very few persons indeed draw the conclusion that this time the issue is the long-since forgotten soul of man.” (p. 365)

“All collective identities, such as membership in organizations, support of [mass movements] and so on, interfere with the fulfillment of … the individual’s task to differentiate himself from all the others and stand on his own feet… Such collective identities are crutches for the lame, shields for the timid, beds for the lazy, nurseries for the irresponsible; but they are equally shelters for the poor and weak, a home port for the shipwrecked, the bosom of a family for orphans, a land of promise for disillusioned vagrants and weary pilgrims, a herd and a safe fold for lost sheep, and a mother providing nourishment and growth.” (p. 375)

“Like the initiate of a secret society who has broken free from the undifferentiated collectivity, the individual on his lonely path needs a secret which for various reasons he may not or cannot reveal. Such a secret reinforces him in his isolation of his individual aims. A great many individuals cannot bear this isolation. They are the neurotics, who necessarily play hide-and-seek with others as well as with themselves, without being able to take the game really seriously. As a rule they end by surrendering their individual goal to their craving for collective conformity—a procedure which all the opinions, beliefs, and ideals of their environment encourage.” (p. 376)

One thought on “Why is Media Propaganda So Effective?

  1. Jung and Chopra are all correct in what they are saying and implying. Basically our current situation with this scamdemic can all be attributed to the general masses “abdication of responsibility”. They/we have given away our sovereignty to live ‘padded’ lives without any real consequences. It was given away to those that were expected to ‘take care of our/their welfare’. This established the paradigm of expectation and as long as the general populous were ‘kept insulated’ (through misinformation and token effort) to prevent an uprising. It was done to distract attention away from what was really happening. Everyone’s rights and freedoms are being eroded through scare mongering while the governments of the world are trying to look like they are caring for the wellbeing of the common people. Like the pilgrims giving beads to the American Indians while they subverted their rights and lands. The same is happening now and it is history repeating itself. In the current context it is worse. It is nothing less than a coup to usurp the sovereignty of the human species.

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