Fast and Easy Way to Show the White House Mandates Won’t Fly

Vaccine mandates to travel in the U.S. are “not off the table.” This is the latest White House fearmongering by top officials like Fauci, Press Secretary Psaki, and Covid Response Coordinator Jeff Zients.

On the heels of the president’s 6-pronged plan to strongarm Americans into vaccinating, a second bill (HR 5204) was introduced in Congress to require mandates and testing for travel in the United States.

With your help, SHF is prepared to meet these challenges. Over 100,000 people have already signed our petition “Vaccine Mandates Won’t Fly.” Your action came so quickly, we are  now aiming for 250,000 while we prepare for the most strategic moment to deliver our petition to the committee considering the bill.

Think of how powerful it will be when a quarter million Americans say NO when it counts the most-before a bad bill gets passed.

This president is trying to divide America. The most powerful thing we can do is stand together for our Constitutional rights. It takes a lot of mental muscle to stay aligned with the messages of love and forgiveness in the face of people using words of war. Stand for Health Freedom is here to support citizens using their voices to show the true heart of America is freedom.

We are aiming for 250,000 signatures on our petition before November 2, 2021.

Freedom to travel is a fundamental right. Being able to move freely in our own country is at the heart of being an American. Our rights to visit family and friends, to work, to express ourselves all depend on travel. Let’s act now to stop these bills.


Stand for Health Freedom