Trucker interviews What is really going on with the industry and why they went to Ottawa. A Must watch video.

Did You Know

New update below.

If you want to know what is really going on listen to these interviews with truckers on the ground.

There are people there from BC, Ontario, Quebec, a lot from Alberta,

Hope I didn’t miss any participants.

They have volunteers from Ottawa and Quebec helping the truckers. They are doing a fabulous job, taking care of the truckers.

There is a lovely lady, who came to Canada from Cuba. She give Canadians a warning.

There is a fellow from BC that has had videos he posted removed from facebook. Censorshit is alive and well.

There is a trucker talking about how hard it is to gets parts for trucks.

One fellow from Alberta has a web site people might want to check out.

Unify the People

A lady from Ontario has a lot say. She has been harassed by agitators. Odds are good those agitators are being…

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