Permanent herd immunity was never going to happen with a coronavirus like SC-2. What we got in summer 2020 was transient community immunity, where about 15% of the populace were infected and recovered, helped greatly by the warmer weather. That was when Johnson made masks mandatory! Then, as we progressed into autumn 2020, SC-2 became more prevalent, especially as children and students went back to school and university; thereafter a functional seasonal herd immunity of 40% infected was quickly achieved. SC-2 would have been endemic after that, returning each winter season with more or less virulence, but never as bad as the first emergence.
But the public health fanatics and novel ‘vaccine’ fanatics made sure that didn’t happen. They started injecting first the vulnerable with their non-sterilising gene therapies which actually produced a second winter peak in deaths very soon after the rollout. Then they absurdly argued that a demonstrably ‘leaky’ vaccine which did not, could not, ever stop transmission, was the key to obtaining a ‘safe’ herd immunity threshold of 80% and promptly set about injecting anything that moved.
The results are in and they are looking increasingly catastrophic for public health. Instead of providing sterilising herd immunity, the ‘vaccines’ have actually made people MORE susceptible to infection, especially with the Omicron variant. Covid is probably not going away any time soon, neither will it settle down into stable endemicity in highly vaccinated populations. If you want to know the probable reasons why this is, I would suggest reading Geert Vanden Bossche’s latest detailed paper. Once again, he could be wrong, but I fear not.

I sincerely believe that without the mass vaccination campaigns, the pandemic would have been over and done with by the end of winter 2020/21 and the SC-2 virus would now be a stable, seasonally recurrent endemic disease, probably on a par with seasonal ‘flu. The mRNA and DNA ‘vaccines’ have radically altered the course of the pandemic and extended seasonally incoherent waves of rapidly spreading infections and disease indefinitely. Along with the huge, unprecedented volume of serious adverse reactions and deaths soon after injection, we are looking at a public health catastrophe without parallel in the history of pharmaceutical medicine.

The link to Geert’s latest paper can be found here. It’s very technical in parts and I am not qualified to comment on much of what he says, but it does not take an expert to appreciate the grave seriousness of Geert’s warnings or to appreciate that what he is saying is firmly grounded in established epidemiology. GVDB may be wrong, but he’s been right about a lot so far, since first warning of the dangers of mass vaccination with ‘leaky’ vaccines over a year ago. Whether or not his predictions turn out to be correct or not is beside the point. The fact is, his dire warnings have been completely ignored by those ‘experts’ running the vaccination campaigns and that is a matter of serious concern, given his qualifications and experience. 

Only now are we hearing from ‘experts’ like Vallance who says:

A coronavirus variant which escapes vaccine immunity could take the world by surprise, Sir Patrick Vallance has warned.

Unfortunately, given his two year history of crying wolf on Covid, few people now believe him, excepting of course the dedicated Covid bedwetters who never want the pandemic or restrictions to end and are happy to be pointlessly muzzled for the rest of their short miserable lives.

Alex Berenson tends to be a bit of a weather vane on things Covid, which is probably why they kicked him off of Twitter. He says:

I spend a lot of time looking at the trees: What’s with infections in Britain? What are the newest myocarditis numbers?

We have reached a strange moment in Covid. The epidemic has now gone on longer than any flu epidemic – yet it shows few signs of easing.

Actually, that’s not true. In poor nations, Covid appears to have vanished as a problem, to the extent it ever was one. Even countries like India that had big Omicron waves didn’t have many deaths.

But wealthier countries now have extraordinary numbers of infections. Scotland just reported that 9 percent of its people were infected at once, equal to about 30 million Americans. All those infections are translating into lots of deaths, too. South Korea has suffered about half of ALL its Covid deaths this month.

So what is actually going on? GVDB provides a possible answer, based on actual science, and it’s not for the spike-hearted.

  • There isn’t even any hope that the current epidemiological situation could lead to herd immunity any time soon
  • There are increasing signs of more generalized immune suppression in vaccinees as indicated by a steadily growing number of reports rising incidences of other respiratory illnesses, other viral diseases and even cancer.
  • There is substantial evidence that Omicron is enabling a highly vaccinated population to exert immune pressure on its pathogenicity

Key message
I SERIOUSLY expect that a series of new highly virulent and highly infectious SARS-CoV-2 (SC-2) variants will now rapidly and independently emerge in highly vaccinated countries all over the world and that they will soon spread at high pace. I expect the current pattern of repetitive infections and relatively mild disease in vaccinees to soon aggravate and be replaced by severe disease and death. Unfortunately, there is no way vaccinees can rely on assistance from their innate immune system to protect against coronaviruses1 as their relevant2 innate IgM antibodies are increasingly being outcompeted by infection-enhancing vaccinal Abs, which are continuously recalled due to the circulation of highly infectious Omicron variants. In contrast, Omicron’s high infectiousness would enable the non-vaccinated to train their innate immune defense against SC-2 while the infectious and pathogenic capacity of the new SC-2 variants would be debilitated in the non-vaccinated for lack of infection-enhancing Abs in their blood. Unless we immediately implement large scale antiviral prophylaxis campaigns in highly vaccinated countries, there shall be no doubt that the pandemic will end by taking a huge toll on human lives.

‘More infectious’ variants have been reported to break through protection against infection conferred by vaccine-induced neutralizing Abs. Although vaccinees have now become more susceptible to infection, their vaccinal Abs still largely protect them from severe disease. However, cases of hospitalization in fully vaccinated people are now increasingly reported in some highly vaccinated countries (e.g., UK, Israel, South-Korea). This could indicate that some new variants are now breaking through protection (against severe disease) conferred by the C-19 vaccines and that it may only be a matter of time before additional mutations are incorporated that allow a more virulent variant to replace Omicron. The evolutionary dynamics of this pandemic are highly suspicious of mass vaccination shifting the course of a natural pandemic by promoting the expansion in prevalence of more infectious immune escape variants.

For those interested in the more technical explanation of what might be happening, here it is:

It has been established that non-neutralizing antibodies (Abs) directed at epitopes comprised within the conserved ‘enhancing’ site within the N-terminal domain (NTD) of S (S-NTD) not only contribute to Omicron’s enhanced infectiousness in vaccinees but are also likely to mitigate disease as the course of Omicron infections is rather mild. As Omicron is highly infectious, individuals are now at risk of rapid re-exposure to the virus. It follows that highly vaccinated populations are now placing more and more immune pressure on the infection-enhancing site within the S-NTD to prevent Omicron from causing systemic disease. I posit that this immune pressure is now at risk of driving natural selection of new SC-2 variants (‘Newco variants’) that will be endowed with one or more O-glycosylation sites that can shield the conserved NTD region comprising the non-neutralizing enhancing epitopes and thereby escape the disease-mitigating effect exerted by the enhancing anti-NTD Abs in vaccinees. Hence, natural selection of mutations enabling more extensive O-glycosylation of spike protein would not only make Newco variants fully resistant to all potentially neutralizing vaccine-induced Abs directed at spike protein (S), and thereby enable an even higher level of viral infectiousness, but also render these new immune escape variants more virulent for vaccinees. As site-specific O-glycosylation of S would abrogate Ab-mediated protection against severe disease in vaccinees, Ab-dependent enhancement of viral infectiousness (ADEI) would now directly translate into Ab-dependent enhancement of C-19 disease (ADED). This would ultimately result in a tsunami of hospitalizations and deaths in highly vaccinated populations whereas the unvaccinated would be better and better protected against the Newco variants thanks to their ‘enhanced’ (i.e., trained) innate immunity and because of reduced infectiousness and trans infectiousness of the virus in the upper and lower respiratory tract, respectively.

Geert makes this plea to his readers, which, given the extreme seriousness of what he is postulating as a possible evolutionary path of the pandemic, is not unreasonable, especially given the current situation in highly vaccinated countries:

Why this call?
I know this is a bad time to share my deep concerns about the future evolution of this pandemic. I know the world is currently getting more than enough of very concerning news; in addition, scary predictions about the future evolution of this pandemic are never welcome. The only reason why I nevertheless continue to express my concerns is that I cannot refrain from urging national and international public health agencies to immediately engage their populations in large scale antiviral chemoprophylactic campaigns, especially in highly vaccinated countries. Given the high infectivity rate that characterizes the spread of Omicron, the rather ‘mild’ course of infections we are currently witnessing cannot be considered the endgame prelude of this pandemic.

What do we get instead? FDA authorising 4th and 5th shots; UK dishing out shots to 5-11 year olds! Even when it has now been proven that Pfizer committed fraud in their trials and covered up deaths and very serious adverse reactions. What dark forces are driving this madness?

Natural Herd Immunity Vs. Mass Vaccination

Here is what GVDB says about herd immunity and the natural progression of disease, which basically tallies with what I said in my blog comment above.

It has been reported that vaccinees are, indeed, more susceptible to infection but that this enhanced susceptibility does not translate in more (cases of) severe disease ( It seems, therefore, as if the vaccine is responsible for promoting the vaccinee’s susceptibility to infection while hampering progression of infection to severe disease. This is in sharp contrast to the course of a natural pandemic in an unvaccinated population, in which waves of infection are associated with a substantial surge in morbidity and mortality, typically in the most vulnerable part of the population. These surges are typically followed by a dramatic reduction of the infection rate and it typically only takes a few waves for a natural pandemic to transition into endemicity as this is what it takes to protect the remaining vulnerable part of the population by herd immunity.

So what’s the problem? Folks might be getting infected but they’re protected from severe disease, right? Wrong. As we are seeing, people are still being hospitalised, not in great numbers at the moment, but in increasing numbers, and the vast majority of those are double or triple jabbed. Says GVDB:

Why should we care about lack of herd immunity when infections in vaccinees barely cause any severe disease, let alone death?
A word of caution needs to be said about this naïve question. Whereas Omicron might rather benefit the unvaccinated part of the population, in which repeated exposure to this highly infectious variant is training the innate immune response, this virus is likely to behave very differently in the vaccinated part of the population.
As usual, the devil is in the detail and the detail is often about getting down to the nitty-gritty of the evolutionary dynamics of the interplay between the virus and the host immune system. As this interplay has been profoundly disturbed by thoughtless human intervention, it seems completely counterintuitive that the relatively low hospitalization and mortality rates are the consequence of herd immunity.

GVDB explains why herd immunity can never be achieved with these ‘vaccines’ (even with endless boosters and injections for children) and why this is so dangerous:

In the case of recent natural or C-19 vaccine-mediated boosting7 of vaccinees (or their re-vaccination with an updated C-19 vaccine that better matches the S protein on the circulating variant) or in the case of vaccination of subjects who previously recovered from C-19 disease. In all these cases, previously vaccine-induced Abs will be recalled. The recall will result in disproportionally high titers and/ or disproportionally high binding affinity of non-neutralizing anti-S Abs, which not only outcompete innate polyreactive IgMs but also enhance viral infectiousness (see further below). This implies that in countries with high vaccine coverage rates, vaccinees are now more susceptible to infection with the circulating virus, which is likely to predominantly boost their infection enhancing anti-NTD Abs8. Under these circumstances, additional booster vaccinations are unlikely to change the impact of mass vaccination on population-level immunity and the course of the pandemic.
Consequently, there can be no doubt that the continuation of mass vaccination campaigns, which are now increasingly targeting children and focusing on booster shots (or Omicron-specific vaccinations), will result in a significant loss of the population’s capacity to generate herd immunity.

High Rates of Infection In The Vaccinated Will Exert Unnatural Immune Pressure on SC-2 To Evolve More Virulent Variants

There is substantial evidence that Omicron is enabling highly vaccinated populations to exert immune pressure on its pathogenicity

A highly vaccinated population that continues to be exposed to a SC-2 variant that is largely resistant to neutralization by S-directed Abs will be featured by a steadily increasing prevalence of elevated anti-NTD Ab titers and, therefore, become increasingly susceptible to infection. It is reasonable to postulate that in vaccinees, who are boosted as a result of their exposure to Omicron, especially the infection enhancing anti-NTD Abs will benefit from a strong recall effect9. This would imply that even after having contracted C-19 disease, vaccinees remain highly susceptible to infection while serving as an important source of selective (i.e., Omicron-specific) transmission.

GVDB goes through a very long and technical explanation (involving many ‘temptations’ to arrive at conclusions) which suggests that the current highly unnatural situation with Covid and mass vaccinations may evolve into one where we see wave upon wave of increasingly infectious andvirulent SC-2 viral variants sweep through the populace. The mechanism driving this is glycosylation.

How would the O-glycosylated Newcos evolve in a highly vaccinated population and what would be their impact on individual and public health?
From the evolutionary dynamics discussed above, it becomes already apparent that increased population-level immune pressure on the conserved enhancing NTD site will result in natural selection of more abundantly glycosylated and, therefore, more virulent and more infectious variants. Since the O-glycosite mutations, as well as the required accompanying amino acid mutations within the variable domains of NTD, would have to keep up with the steadily increasing immune pressure exerted by the vaccinated population on the conserved infection-enhancing NTD site, both virulence and infectiousness of naturally selected variants would steadily rise too. More infectious and more virulent Newco variants that have a competitive fitness advantage over Omicron would successively be replaced by other Newco variants with an even higher level of infectiousness and virulence and, therefore, with an even higher fitness advantage in the context of a highly vaccinated population. With each more infectious and more virulent selected Newco the number of infections causing severe disease and death would gradually but rapidly increase whereas the corresponding fitness intervals would become shorter and shorter (see fig. 7). In highly vaccinated countries waves would rapidly add up one on top of the other to finally build a massive wave of severe morbidity and death that could last for as long as viral infectivity rates and, therefore, the prevalence of elevated ‘infection-enhancing’ Ab titers rises.

Is he correct? Are his fears plausible? I have no idea. But it is beyond doubt now that ADEI (Anti-Body Dependent Enhancement of Infection) is happening in those who have been jabbed and ‘boosted’ and that this is a highly unnatural occurrence which is the complete opposite of natural herd immunity. That this may lead soon to ADED (antibody dependent enhancement of disease) is a matter which should be urgently investigated and in the meantime it would seem to be a prudent precaution to immediately cease vaccinations and concentrate instead upon the large scale provision of safe preventative antiviral treatments. That’s not happening. Why?

How long have we got before these new, more virulent viruses emerge? GVDB thinks it may be only a couple of months.

How long will it take for more pathogenic SC-2 variants to become dominant?
As the adequate combination of O-glycosite mutations on RBD and amino acid mutations within NTD may take time to select, it is reasonable to expect that it will take ‘some more time’ for the first Newcos to emerge. However, there are several different reasons that make me believe that the virus will now rapidly evolve into more virulent and more infectious variants. In other words, I expect the lag time for a first more virulent variant to cross the valley of fitness and begin to replace Omicron to be rather short (i.e., within 2 months following this date of writing).

Are the non-vaccinated at risk? GVDB doesn’t think so.

In healthy non-vaccinated individuals, O-glycosylated Newcos will only cause asymptomatic to mild disease

In conclusion: For the vast majority of the unvaccinated, the price to pay for training of their innate immune effector capacity will not exceed mild to moderate upper respiratory symptoms. For this part of the population, new, more densely O-glycosylated variants could even be considered improved editions of a ‘live attenuated vaccine’ due to their steadily increasing intrinsic attenuation (because of the growing O-glycosylation).

This is not the time for an ‘I told you so moment’ so I can only recommend to those who are jabbed, then please don’t get any more shots and think very carefully about provisioning yourself with any anti-viral treatments you can get your hands on.

There is much I have left out here in GVDB’s very long paper, but I do recommend you struggle through to read it all. It may actually save your life.

Source: Climate Contrarian