RKI-Sponsored “Corona Monitoring” Study Finds 90% Antibody Prevalence in the German Population

On 17 March of this year, in a speech before the Bundestag, German health minister and villain-of-the-blog Karl Lauterbach declared that “We will first overcome the pandemic in Germany with vaccine mandates,” and denounced the unvaccinated for “holding the whole country hostage.” Two days ago, as Tim Röhn points out, Lauterbach tweeted a picture of himself in front of a Moderna facility in Massachusetts and announced that “many researchers” now hope that “nasal vaccines” will be the “way out of the pandemic.”

The latest blow to the vaccinators, and one of the reasons Lauterbach doesn’t want to talk about vaccine uptake anymore, is a late and feeble seroprevalence study co-sponsored by the Robert Koch Institut. The preliminary results of this survey of 11,162 people show that around 90% of Germans had antibodies to SARS-2 at the start of 2022, well before the crest of the first Omicron wave. It is safe to assume, today, that effectively every last person in Germany has been exposed to SARS-2 in one way or another…

Source: eugyppius: a plague chronicle

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