It Turns Out We Would Have Been Better Off to Hug Everyone in Sight

Quarantines, lockdowns, masks, social distancing, vaccines—these measures created fear and hardship without slowing or stopping the spread. There is no evidence that they prevented a single death. On the contrary, fear and panic are known to make all symptoms worse. Without all the draconian measures we would not be worse off than we are, and we wouldn’t have sacrificed our economy and ruined the lives of so many people.

The medical industry uses its veneer of technological advancement to rob you of your body’s ability to heal and then sells it back to you. At the best, vaccines stimulate your body’s innate, natural, immune response. That’s the most positive thing that can be said for them. For a healthy person, no such stimulation is needed. Love and social engagement is much more effective in building up the body’s immune system than any number of vaccines (and the mRNA jabs masquerading as vaccines). Stealing the possibility of social engagement from us created the real pandemic, and it was done consciously with malice aforethought. Plenty of simulations (e.g., “Event 201”) were run—by Johns Hopkins, the CDC, big pharma, and the Chinese—in the decade leading up to 2019 that show how the medical industry, big pharma, and the others colluded to reduce our lives, destroy our small businesses, and isolate us.

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