Dr. Peter McCullough’s Historic Presentation at the World Council for Health Conference

Speech to the Better Way Conference in Bath, England on May 20-22.

“Thanks so much for the invitation to join the conference.  I certainly wish I could be there myself in person, but it’s been absolutely terrific. 

During the time I have listened I actually paid a visit to the studio of Joe Rogan and dropped off a copy of a book that’s behind me and the title of the book is “Courage to Face COVID-19 – Preventing Hospitalizations and Deaths While Battling the Bio-pharmaceutical Complex”.  And it’s my announcement today to tell the group that for the last year I’ve been working with best-selling author John Leake from the United States, who has lived in Europe and Vietnam for a long time, to put together a book that tells a narrative, it tells a story. It explains the complex realities in the setting of a narrative, a story.  And it’s been released now for approximately a week and already it’s a best seller in multiple categories.  But the category I want to bring your attention to is Crime.  John Leake is a true crime author who has a track record in these types of best-selling non-fiction pieces of work.

I’m a practicing internist and cardiologist in Dallas, Texas.  I’m trained in epidemiology.  Many of you know me and I know you as we have been intricately involved in the pandemic response. 

I can tell you from my experience all over the world now that something came in the minds of people to hurt other people, and it’s all over the world at the same time, people disconnected from Twitter, they have no idea what a bio-pharmaceutical complex is, they have no idea what GAVI or Gates Foundation or CEPI or World Economic Forum is, they don’t even know what these things are, but it’s in their minds to hurt other people.  The book, our first book, we intend to publish more, deals with the crime of the suppression of early treatment. 

The suppression of early treatment was integral to create fear, suffering, hospitalizations and deaths in order to prepare the world to accept mass vaccination. And it doesn’t even matter what type of vaccine.  There are 16 vaccines either released or close to being released worldwide.  While the focus may be on the genetic vaccines in the west, it’s actually with a killed virus vaccine in the East.

While the genetic vaccines are creating a terror, that Dr. Rose has described to us, basically a biological holocaust for those who are receiving these injections over and over again, terrorizing their lives and certainly the future of their children for generations, those in the East are being terrorized in a different way with killed vaccines, killed virus vaccines, or antigen based vaccines.  They don’t offer the same genetic risks.  They have acute toxicities.  But the commonality to the entire vaccine program is the linkage to compliance. 

And what we’re seeing now is the utilization of vaccines as an inroad to global human compliance, subjugation of the entire world’s population at the same time via the same method – subjugation – having our rights linked to the end of a hypodermic needle. That’s the common theme. 

The side effects, and the fatal and non-fatal injuries and deaths, occur in different patterns according to the products, but that toxicity of the vaccines is critical to the achievement of this compliance. Because those who are under the duress of taking a vaccine are given the most agonizing decision – the decision is to take a product that they know will cause harm to their bodies or to lose their livelihood, or in some countries to lose any kind of financial assistance, or in some countries to lose access to their bank accounts. That is already happening. What we’re seeing now is we’re seeing an attempt for a global world government through the context of a medical crisis and medical relief. 

The next step in this process is the World Health Organization global treaty that will bind countries into this type of totalitarian servitude.  As everyone has outlined, the regulatory capture and a variety of methods now, have essentially taken away all forms of justice, any hope of justice, in the courts and have sequentially subtracted constitutional rights in the United States, human rights globally, the common things that each and every one of us look forward to in life for the pursuit of happiness and fulfilment. 

In my view the only court that is open now is the court of public opinion.  And for those of you on the line, I believe our challenge is to make our case in the court of public opinion in every way that we can, and everyone here has done such a notable job.  The sacrifices are just starting and I think the stakes will get higher and higher.  I think the vaccine is just one chapter in a very, very dark narrative that’s being handed to us.

And so at this point in time it’s critical for every person in the world to understand that this circle of medical freedom is really directly linked to the circle of social freedom and that’s linked to the circle of economic freedom.  The circle of medical freedom is being broken as vaccines are being forced into individuals against their will and it’s being tightly linked to their social activities like going to school, church and other types of important endeavors.  And then lastly the direct linkage to employment and economic solvency and integrity is clear. 

If the entire world tomorrow rejected these vaccines, uniformly rejected these vaccines, the entire dark plot would fall.  I encourage each and every one of you to have resolve and strength beyond anything you think you possibly could have done in your life to make this The Line. 

It has become clear that this is The Line.  And for those who don’t understand initially that this is The Line, you have the opportunity about once every six months, because that’s how often the boosters are coming up, to decide that this is a line that you’re going to hold.  It’s only by holding The Line that we actually stop this freight train.  Because it looks like if it isn’t for us the train is going to absolutely become a wrecking machine for the world.

Those are my comments.  I’m right now in Austin, Texas, in a major TV studio, doing the best I can to tow the line and stop this train.  I was on U.S. national TV last night.  I’ve been blessed to have this type of visibility.  I feel incredibly honored and strongly supported by each and every one of you on the line but not every one on the line is friendly and I know right now adversaries are listening in.  There is a vaccine cabal, vaccine stakeholders, and the groupings of these are vast and we know you’re listening.  And so my message to you (the vaccine cabal) is that we are bold and we are relentless and we are unstoppable.  And we have the truth and the truth will prevail.”

Dr. McCullough received a standing ovation from the conference audience. Dr. McCullough’s new book, “Courage to Face COVID-19 – Preventing Hospitalizations and Deaths While Battling the Bio-pharmaceutical Complex”, which he wrote with best-selling crime author John Leake, is a best seller in multiple categories including Crime. It is available on Amazon and other sources.