The Shepherd Boy Who Cried Wolf – A Theory of Lockdown Herd Mentality


I responded to a tweet from Mark Changizi recently (screenshot because I’m sure they’ll erase my account – and Mark’s too – soon):

As you can see, Ben replied, which set off a brief conversation.

I think the ‘I’ll never understand that’ comment may have been a challenge to my subconscious because I spent half the night awake, tossing and turning, with my brain refusing to shut down and I’ve come up with an explanation of sorts for what are the most puzzling and deeply disturbing series of events I have ever experienced in my entire life; namely the last two years of lockdowns and Covid hysteria. I’m sure it’s not original and that many people have come up with similar explanations, but it’s original to me and represents to me a simple theory based upon my own personal observations which adequately explains the facts as I experienced them.


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