Excess Deaths in England

I want to cut against the grain a bit, and suggest that that Telegraph article blaming excess UK mortality on lockdowns is more than just an attempt to exonerate the vaccines. Of course the vaccinators will blame lockdowns for their own failures, if it comes to that, but their duplicity shouldn’t distract us from the profound disarray lockdowns have inflicted upon all levels of society, and healthcare in particular.

Even before Corona, the NHS faced serious administrative problems and an inability to meet demand in many areas. Two years of near-exclusive focus on a solitary viral pathogen have cast the entire system into new depths of chaos: The hospital waiting list in England alone includes 6.5 millions names, and various regions have seen dying patients waiting hours in ambulances before they can be treated by hospital staff. The great irony is that lockdowns were sold as a means of keeping our healthcare systems from melting down, whereas in fact they simply brought about the very healthcare shortages and delays they were supposed to prevent. This will be a slow burn now, for it will take years to clear the treatment backlog, if they ever manage it.

That said: Mortality trends are complex and multi-causal, and there’s clearly a role for the vaccines here too. Note in paritcular the mid-2021 timing of the mortality increase:

My own crude, spot comparison of the age-stratified data suggests that excess deaths have risen proportionally across all age brackets above 15.

Source: eugyppius: a plague chronicle20 Aug 22