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Autopsies Show COVID-19 Vaccination Likely Caused Fatal Heart Inflammation

A serious side effect linked to COVID-19 vaccines can lead to death, according to a new study. Post-vaccination myocarditis, a form of heart inflammation, was identified in a subset of people who died “unexpectedly” at home within 20 days of receiving a COVID-19 vaccine. Researchers analyzed autopsies that had been performed on the people and conducted additional … Continue reading Autopsies Show COVID-19 Vaccination Likely Caused Fatal Heart Inflammation

Hiding in Plain Sight

The lab origin of SARS-CoV-2 was published in 2015. A stunning form of this deception by omission is when public officials, scientists, and the media pretend not to notice extremely harmful and even criminal conduct that is detectable for anyone who bothers to look. Public officials and news reporters have no excuse for not looking … Continue reading Hiding in Plain Sight

Media Starts to Report on Myocarditis, a Little

Trial Site News The mainstream media is now starting to report on the potential risks of cardiovascular issues associated with the COVID-19 vaccines. Namely, the safety signal detected after hundreds of millions of doses have been administered throughout American society, and beyond. What’s the risk level associated with the signals—a key question.

The CounterJab with Jan Jekielek of The Epoch Times

Dr. McCullough and I are pleased to announce the inaugural episode of our in studio, audio-visual podcast, The CounterJab. We have already conducted four fascinating interviews, but we would like to debut with a very special conversation we just had with Jan Jekielek, senior editor at the Epoch Times. I affectionately call Jan “America’s Greatest Reporter” … Continue reading The CounterJab with Jan Jekielek of The Epoch Times

Vaccine Promoters Obsessed With Population Control

Healthy people with no history of disease don’t just die.  Those paying attention to obituaries over the past two years will have noticed an alarming trend. People of all ages, many of whom had no underlying health conditions, have “died suddenly,” sometimes in their sleep, sometimes while playing sports, sometimes while going about their everyday … Continue reading Vaccine Promoters Obsessed With Population Control

Vaccinated People Make Up Majority of COVID-19 Deaths: CDC Data

Data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) showed that vaccinated and boosted people made up most of the COVID-19 deaths in August. Of the total 6,512 deaths recorded in August 2022, 58.6 percent of the deaths were attributed to vaccinated or boosted people, and seem to be a sign of a growing trend … Continue reading Vaccinated People Make Up Majority of COVID-19 Deaths: CDC Data

The Evil of Coerced Medicine

The following is an adapted excerpt, published recently in the Washington Times, from Aaron Kheriaty, “The New Abnormal: The Rise of the Biomedical Security State” from Regnery Publishing, reprinted here with permission. In their understandable enthusiasm to roll out the novel COVID vaccines as widely and quickly as possible in early 2021, the public health establishment … Continue reading The Evil of Coerced Medicine


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