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Dr. Robert Malone: The Monkeypox Scare, the Origins of Groupthink, and the Power of the ‘Heretic’

“This biomedical industrial complex is going to make huge profits off yet another vaccine and the associated drugs. So it’s a business model. It’s a business model for media. That’s why the fear porn. It drives ratings. It drives clicks,” says mRNA vaccine pioneer Dr. Robert Malone.

“There’s a bunch of things underlying this monkeypox outbreak that are, I think the gentlest term I could say is, suspicious,” says Dr. Malone.

Dr. Malone popularized the concept of “mass formation” earlier this year, but this is just one of the many aspects of human psychology playing into our current societal moment. We tackle the concept of groupthink, the role it has played in the age of COVID, and how to avoid it in the future.

This interview was filmed at the CPAC conference in Dallas, Texas.

Source: The Epoch Times

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700 Right to Refuse Bills Filed, 71 Passed into Law

Since National Health Freedom Action launched the one-of-its-kind project last year, there has been over 700 right to refuse bills filed across 47 states!  And so far, 28 of these states have passed 71 of these important bills into law. This project involves tracking and compiling all state legislation introduced in the last two years that works to maintain our health freedom rights – from bans on vaccine passports to rights of ordinary people to refuse vaccine mandates. Never before has there been such an amazing amount of state health freedom legislation passed into law in two years.
NHFA has drafted model legislation that groups in any state can consult and work from if they wish. NHFA hosts regular conference calls with leaders from state groups working on passing such legislation. And we help to advise and coach many of these groups through the legislative process from start to finish.

We need your help to provide the financial resources to do this work. Our attorneys and grassroots legislation staff are working courageously and continuously to meet these unprecedented challenges. We have learned a lot in these past two years as we navigated uncharted territory! We have laid amazing groundwork for what will be another wave of legislation this coming year as legislatures reopen their next sessions. We are preparing now to be stronger, smarter, and ready for the 2023 legislative season. Can you help support this important work? Today is the official kickoff of the NHFA Summer Fundraiser. We have very generous matching pledges totaling $15,000
and a total goal of $30,000 by August 31st.
 Can you help us reach our goal with a one-time or recurring donation?


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The Healthcare System is a Giant Scam That You Pay For

Sorelle Amore Finance

The US healthcare system is a financial scam, designed for profit, not care. Unlike the rest of the world, the entire medical and healthcare system in the United States is for profit. And when there’s money to be made, you can almost be sure that someone will abuse the system. Health insurers implement secretive practices that stop people from accurately knowing what they’re being charged. Companies like TeamHealth (owned by Blackstone) have such an influence over the business of the medical industry, that chances are your doctor or nurse is employed by them. And investment firms like Vanguard and Blackrock own at least a part in almost every single major publicly-traded hospital or healthcare system in the entire nation. And of course, as you might expect, it’s the poorest people in the nation who always suffer as a result of this. People who can’t afford insurance, and even beg people not to take them to hospital when injured, because they likely won’t be able to afford treatment.