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Congressman Warren Davidson urges Congress to pass the Vaccine Passport Prevention Act

Protect Our Liberty

Rep. Warren Davidson (R-OH) is urging Congress to pass a bill he introduced last year that would ban the use of vaccine passports for future use.

The bill is aimed at protecting Americans from the federal government’s overreach under the guise of responding to the pandemic.

We obtained a copy of the bill for you here.

The bill, called the Vaccine Passport Prevention Act, would, with a few exceptions, prevent the federal, state, and local governments, as well as private entities, from forcing Americans to provide proof of vaccination to access goods and services, and to continue working.

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If passed, the legislation would allow people to sue their employers and governments for requiring proof of vaccination against the coronavirus.

The bill would only allow exemptions for schools, medical facilities, and enlisted service members. However, schools would be required to allow vaccination exemptions for medical, religious, and conscience reasons. Medical reasons would include naturally acquired immunity.

“The point of this bill is simple,” said Davidson during the bill’s introduction. “I’m committed to defending freedom. Freedom surrendered is rarely reclaimed, so now is the time to act. Americans have a right to keep their medical decisions private.

“Neither businesses nor governments should compel access to confidential information as a condition of restoring our way of life. Discrimination that separates healthy people from other healthy people based on vaccine status is unconstitutional. Throughout the pandemic, we’ve seen states deny Americans a republican form of government in the name of public health. Now that the pandemic is over, they are trying to maintain power. Banning vaccine passports has become sadly necessary to thwart these naked power grabs seeking to enable even more control for big government and big business over the lives of individual Americans.”


“Be Wary of China’s Coronavirus Quarantine”— Dr. Howard Markel, January 2020

“To combat the contagion, the Chinese government has taken the extraordinary step of quarantining the city of Wuhan, as well as neighboring districts and cities. The borders are sealed, and all transportation out is blocked. Officials closed the public transportation systems.Friday morning, more than 35 million people woke up facing aggressive curtailments of their freedom.

Having spent my medical and academic career studying these issues, I am astounded by what is already the single largest quarantine in recorded history. As a physician, I cannot yet give a prognosis of how all this will work out. But as a historian of quarantines and epidemics – one who has read, seen or written similar sad stories too many times – I am not terribly optimistic it will turn out well.”

Source: Alexander COVID News, Dr. Paul Alexander

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Vaccinating After Recovering From COVID-19

Dr. Peter A. McCullough, John Leake

With each COVID-19 infection there is exposure to the Spike protein on the surface of the virus.  This protein causes a world of trouble including damaging blood vessels and causing blood clots.  

When the virus infects the nose, with nasal washes and gargles and other treatments in the McCullough Protocol©, the degree of viral invasion in the body should be negligible.

When a COVID-19 vaccine is given, however, the genetic code for the Spike protein is installed throughout the body and then it is produced for at least a month or longer, giving a heavy and prolonged exposure to this deadly protein. The highest risk patients for complications after vaccination are those who already had untreated COVID-19 illness and then went on to take unnecessary COVID-19 vaccines.

The US FDA and the vaccine companies excluded COVID-19 recovered patients from clinical trials because they knew there could be no theoretical benefit and that they would cause harm. When the FDA and CDC advised Americans that naturally immune patients should undergo vaccination violating the exclusions of the clinical trials—we knew the program was off the rails.

Multiple studies have shown complication rates are markedly increased for the naturally immune who vaccinate.[i]   Take my favorite college football commentator Herb Kirkstreit who contracted COVID-19 in December of 2020 and later commented: “Been 5 months since I tested positive for Covid. Still can’t taste or smell.”[ii]  Then in the Spring of 2021 he takes a COVID-19 vaccine stating, “I just wanted to get vaccinated and feel the freedom.”   Presumably he takes a booster six months later in the fall of 2021.  Then early in 2022 Kirkstreit announces he cannot attend the NFL draft because he has a blood clots that have shot to the lungs.[iii]  More cancellations occur because of this persistent problem.  He wasn’t exactly “feeling the freedom” at that point.

Epoch Times Photo

Kirk Herbstreit, right, revealed that he was diagnosed with blood clots in his ankle and lungs back in April, 2021.AP

Kirkstreit has been loaded with the Spike protein at least three times and may still be taking on more thrombogenic protein every six months if boosting.  I would not be surprised if in addition, he has an inherited genetic trait that predisposes to blood clots.   I am concerned that in my practice large blood clots like the one he has are not going away quickly with conventional blood thinners.

Additionally, undertakers are reporting tubular rubbery blood clots in the form of a casts of the major blood vessels obstructing the flow of injected embalming fluid.  Thus, the quality and the size of the clot are worrisome. Reports indicate the Spike protein is within the clots and is amyloidogenic, meaning the Spike protein folds and encourages complexes of clotting material to organize into a solid form that is resistant to the natural thrombolytic system of the body.[iv]   We hope for Kirkstreit that his clot is not permanent.  His doctors should recognize the connection and fully exempt him from more ill-advised vaccinations.

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Source: The Epoch Times

How One Doctor’s Lies Built the Gender Industry

“They’re experimenting on the body, and people are paying a huge, massively high price for these medical experimentations,” says Dr. Miriam Grossman, a child and adolescent psychiatrist and author of “You’re Teaching My Child What?”

In this two-part episode, we dive into the origins of gender ideology, why there is a growing push in America to teach even kindergarteners about gender and sexuality, and why many countries in Europe have started sounding alarm bells about “gender-affirming care.”

“We really have to ask questions here. We are sterilizing these individuals. We are giving them medical treatments that cause a long list of medical problems—cardiovascular problems, blood clots, heart attacks, cancers, kidney failure. We’re putting girls into menopause,” Grossman says.

“This is the so-called gender-affirming care that all the organizations and our Health and Human Services and President [Biden] are foisting on doctors like myself.”

Source: The Epoch Times

View the video here: