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Autopsies Show COVID-19 Vaccination Likely Caused Fatal Heart Inflammation

A serious side effect linked to COVID-19 vaccines can lead to death, according to a new study.

Post-vaccination myocarditis, a form of heart inflammation, was identified in a subset of people who died “unexpectedly” at home within 20 days of receiving a COVID-19 vaccine. Researchers analyzed autopsies that had been performed on the people and conducted additional research, including studying tissue samples.

Researchers started with a group of 35, but excluded 10 from further analysis because other causes of death were identified. Of the remaining 25, researchers identified evidence of myocarditis in five.

All of the five people received a Moderna or Pfizer vaccine within seven days of their death, with a mean of 2.5 days. The median age was 58 years. None of the people had COVID-19 infection prior to being vaccinated and nasal swabs returned negative.

Autopsy findings combined with the lack of evidence of other causes of death and how the vaccination happened shortly before the deaths enabled researchers to say that for three of the cases, vaccination was the “likely cause” of the myocarditis and that the cardiac condition “was the cause of sudden death.”

In one of the other cases, myocarditis was believed to be the cause of death but researchers detected a herpes virus, an alternative explanation for the incidence of heart inflammation. The remaining case did not include an alternative explanation for the myocarditis but the researchers said the impact of the inflammation was “discrete and mainly observed in the pericardial fat.” They classified the two cases as possibly caused by vaccination.

“In general, a causal link between myocarditis and anti-SARS-CoV-2 vaccination is supported by several considerations,” the researchers said, including the “close temporal relation to vaccination”; the “absence of any other significant pre-existing heart disease”; and the negative testing for any “myocarditis-causing infectious agents.”

Limitations included the small cohort size.

The study (pdf) was published by Clinical Research in Cardiology on Nov. 27. The researchers all work for Heidelberg University Hospital. They were funded by German authorities.

Moderna and Pfizer did not respond to requests for comment.

The meticulous ruling out of possible causes apart from vaccination signals that the cases are “the tip of the iceberg,” Dr. Andrew Bostom, a heart expert based in Rhode Island, told The Epoch Times.

“If there’s a seemingly healthy person that dies suddenly in their sleep, essentially, these are typically the cases that are autopsied, and clearly the most common finding is some form of atherosclerotic coronary heart disease. But they basically ruled that out in these cases. And then they came up with the most plausible proximate cause being vaccination,” he said. “And so it suggests that the phenomenon could actually be broader than it’s been suspected to be.”


Myocarditis is a serious heart condition that can manifest as chest pain and typically leads the sufferer to seek hospital care.

Doctors usually advise against all or most physical activity for a period of time.

Causes include bacteria, viruses, and fever.

Acute myocarditis resolves in about half of cases in the first two to four weeks, researchers have found, but another quarter feature longer-term problems and many of the rest lead to death or heart transplantation.

The incidence of myocarditis among COVID-19 vaccine recipients was higher than expected, researchers in the United States, Israel, and other countries have found. The highest rates have been detected in young people, particularly young males.

Estimates of the typical myocarditis incidence rates are 0.2 to 2.2 per million persons within seven days. Reports to the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System show higher rates for males aged 5 to 49 and females aged 12 to 29. The highest rate was 75.9 per million second doses administered. Reports to the system don’t prove causality but the system suffers from severe underreporting, according to studies, indicating the rates are even higher.

The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) continues to recommend vaccination for virtually all people aged 6 months and older, asserting that the benefits of the vaccines outweigh the risks. Some experts disagree, saying side effects like myocarditis tilt the calculus to the risks being higher in some age groups.

Government officials have repeatedly said that most of the myocarditis cases resolve within weeks, but CDC researchers found in September that many youths who experienced post-vaccination myocarditis still had abnormal MRI results months later.

The incidence has been much lower among older people, according to U.S. authorities, which have refused to make public the autopsy results of people who die after vaccination, and various studies.

The new study “suggests we’ve been missing some severe myo[carditis] cases in our studies,” Dr. Tracy Høeg, an epidemiologist who advises the Florida Department of Health, said on Twitter.


Several vaccines have been linked to myocarditis and a related condition, pericarditis. They are made by Moderna and Pfizer and are the two most widely administered in the United States and Germany.

Both vaccines utilize messenger RNA (mRNA) technology.

Causality means that a vaccine causes a condition.

Top CDC researchers have said (pdf) the current evidence shows a causal link between the mRNA shots and heart inflammation. Other researchers have also reached that conclusion.

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration warns potential vaccine recipients that “postmarketing data demonstrate increased risks of myocarditis and pericarditis, particularly within 7 days following the second dose.”

Bostom said the evidence he’s reviewed shows a causal link.

“It’s as certain as most associations that we say are confirmed in medicine,” he said.

Some studies have identified COVID-19  as another cause of myocarditis and pericarditis, but others have indicated it might not be associated.

Other Autopsy Findings

Before the German study, other researchers around the world had reported findings from autopsies of people who died suddenly after vaccination.

In 2021, U.S. researchers reported two adults developed myocarditis within two weeks of COVID-19 vaccination, and they were unable to find causes other than vaccination.

In 2021, South Korea researchers reported that after examining the death of a 22-year-old man who died five days after receiving the Pfizer vaccine, they determined the primary cause was “myocarditis, causally-associated” with the vaccine.

In January, New Zealand researchers reported that the Pfizer vaccine was probably responsible for sudden myocarditis that led to the death of a 57-year-old woman, writing that “other causes have been discounted with reasonable certainty.”

In February, researchers in several U.S. states reported that two teenage boys who died shortly after receiving Pfizer’s vaccine experienced heart inflammation and that the inflammation was the primary cause of death.

In May, CDC researchers reported that a young boy died after experiencing post-vaccination heart inflammation, with myocarditis being pegged as the cause of death.

In September, a German researcher reported that a 55-year-old who died four months after receiving the Pfizer vaccine died of myocarditis and said “these findings indicate that myocarditis, as well as thrombo-embolic events following injection of spike-inducing gene-based vaccines, are causally associated with a[n] injurious immunological response to the encoded agent.”

And just recently, Japanese researchers reported on results from a 27-year-old man who died 28 days after admission following vaccination.

Source: The Epoch Times

Media Starts to Report on Myocarditis, a Little

Trial Site News

The mainstream media is now starting to report on the potential risks of cardiovascular issues associated with the COVID-19 vaccines. Namely, the safety signal detected after hundreds of millions of doses have been administered throughout American society, and beyond. What’s the risk level associated with the signals—a key question.

The CounterJab with Jan Jekielek of The Epoch Times

Dr. McCullough and I are pleased to announce the inaugural episode of our in studio, audio-visual podcast, The CounterJab. We have already conducted four fascinating interviews, but we would like to debut with a very special conversation we just had with Jan Jekielek, senior editor at the Epoch Times.

I affectionately call Jan “America’s Greatest Reporter” because of his singular dedication to seeking and reporting the truth. This is both a moral and intellectual quality, and in this interview we discuss his fascinating Polish ancestry, and other adventures and tribulations that formed his character and mind. Ultimately we focus on his keen interest in China, the plight of Chinese dissidents, and his grave concern that Western elites and institutions seem to be acquiring many of the bad, totalitarian habits of the Chinese Communist Party.

We are confident you will be deeply engrossed and moved by our talk with Jan. Please watch it and share it your friends.

Jan Jekielek, Senior Editor at The Epoch Times, stops by our studio to kick off our pilot episode of The CounterJab – Courageous Discourse with Dr. Peter McCullough and John Leake. In this episode we discuss Jan’s Polish heritage, what led him to his life as a journalist and current events that are affecting our world today.

Jan Jekielek is a senior editor with The Epoch Times and host of the show, “American Thought Leaders.” Jan’s career has spanned academia, media, and international human rights work. In 2009 he joined The Epoch Times full time and has served in a variety of roles, including as website chief editor. He is the producer of the award-winning Holocaust documentary film “Finding Manny.”

View the video here:


Vaccine Promoters Obsessed With Population Control

Healthy people with no history of disease don’t just die. 

  • The unprecedented epidemic of “sudden death” coincides with the rollout of the experimental gene therapies falsely and fraudulently marketed as vaccines against COVID-19
  • The Stew Peters Network documentary, “Died Suddenly,” dissects this frightening trend and digs into the ideology that has shaped the geopolitical landscape for decades, a worldview that says there are too many people in the world, and that population control are necessary for mankind’s survival
  • Embalmers around the world are finding mysterious, never before seen fibrous clots in the circulatory systems of COVID-jabbed individuals who die. These fibrous structures only started occurring after the rollout of the COVID shots
  • In addition to increasing the death rate, the COVID shots are also lowering birth rates. Infertility in men and women is up. Miscarriages, premature births, birth defects and neonatal deaths have all massively increased, and live births have decreased. Most countries report birth rate decreases between 10% and 15%, but in Australia, the birth rate has declined by a shocking 72%
  • Not all feedback on the film has been favorable. Among critics are Dr. Robert Malone, who has pointed out problems with the film

Those paying attention to obituaries over the past two years will have noticed an alarming trend. People of all ages, many of whom had no underlying health conditions, have “died suddenly,” sometimes in their sleep, sometimes while playing sports, sometimes while going about their everyday business.

Without warning, their hearts failed and they dropped dead. Or they suffered sudden multiorgan failure. Or a massive blood clot. Or “unknown causes.” It’s an unprecedented epidemic of “sudden death,” and it coincides with the rollout of experimental gene therapies falsely and fraudulently marketed as vaccines against COVID-19.

The Stew Peters Network documentary, “Died Suddenly,” dissects this frightening trend and digs into the ideology that has shaped the geopolitical landscape for decades, a worldview that says there are too many people in the world, and that population control are necessary for mankind’s survival. Is that what these COVID shots are ultimately all about?

“Died Suddenly” received millions of views within 24 hours of its release. Not all feedback has been favorable, however. I decided to run the video, along with some of the critiques against it. My conclusion is that it’s a worthwhile watch, with the caveat that it cannot be used as proof of any given theory.

The Substack journalist that goes by the moniker A Midwestern Doctor and Dr. Robert Malone are but two individuals in the truth movement who have pointed out problems with the film.

Select Critiques

A Midwestern Doctor writes:1

“I am personally a bit torn on this movie because it covers a lot of important ground and is presented in a highly persuasive manner that will red-pill many who are on the fence, but it also has a variety of errors and tangental conspiratorial content which makes it prone to being debunked and discrediting this message to those who were on the fence about it …

In the case of the COVID-19 vaccines, although they have a variety of issues, the unique blood clots they form once observed in autopsies also fulfill that requirement, and hence are a home run for persuasion. Similarly, I felt their section represented by far the most persuasive part of ‘Died Suddenly’ …

Unfortunately … there is one huge issue with this segment. The live clot at the end has nothing to do with the COVID-19 vaccinations (it came from a surgery posted on YouTube a year before the vaccines entered the market).

I suspect this arose because someone re-uploaded that clip and labeled it as being from the vaccines (either as a prank or as clickbait) and then it was re-shared until the Died Suddenly team got it and added it in since it supported their narrative.”

A Midwestern Doctor does, however, confirm that many funeral home directors, when asked off the record, admit seeing the fibrous clots shown in the film, but keep quiet due to fear of losing their livelihood. So, the clots are most certainly occurring. In the article, he goes on to review some of the scientific findings that might explain these clots, which are not part of the film, so for additional information, his article is a good start.

‘Sin of Information Warfare’

Malone has a similar critique:2

“Other commentators (for example ‘The Daily Skeptic‘ and Josh Guetzkow) have appropriately noted that the … video includes segments which are misleading at best, falsely imply one or more cause-effect relationship between a sudden death event and vaccine administration, or otherwise employ cinematic license to stoke outrage.

I have previously written regarding the business model of Stoking Rage … and in my opinion this strategy is fundamentally the same as the ‘fearporn’ business model of corporate media … I reject the assertion that, on the battlefield of the current 21st century unrestricted media and information war which we are immersed in, it is acceptable to employ the tactics of our opponents …

As I have said so many times, in so many lectures, our opponents in this information war, this war on truth and integrity, have no ethical guardrails. Ethics are entirely situational in their world …

There is nothing in this ‘Died Suddenly’ which represents new news, as far as I can tell. This seems to mostly be a sensationalized but well-produced video covering information which has been known for quite some time. While Steve Kirsch was interviewed in the film, he did not fund or sponsor the production, or have any input beyond his personal interview, and neither he or his organization endorses it.”

According to Malone, “one of the apparent breaches of accuracy” in the film involves an example of sudden death that is “demonstrably unelated to SARS-CoV-2 vaccination.”

“These types of ‘artistic license’ distortions of truth cause both damage to the credibility of the arguments being made (which may otherwise be valid), and can also cause psychologic pain,” Malone writes.

“Furthermore, these types of errors become weapons which will be deployed against us by our opponents in this unrestricted information war battlefield.”

So, while the film highlights problems that ought to have been part of the public discussion from the start, the unfortunate inclusion of footage that is unrelated to the COVID shots weakens it. I still encourage you to view the film. Just understand that you cannot rely on every detail in the film to be wholly accurate. With all of that in mind, here’s a summary of some of the highlights in the film.

The Malthusian Theory

As explained in the film, the Malthusian population theory,3 introduced by economist Thomas Robert Malthus in 1798, is the idea that unchecked population growth will eventually result in the die-off of mankind.

According to Malthus, the growth of human populations is exponential, while the growth of resources is linear. So, as a population grows larger, living standards are lowered until, finally, the entire population dies from starvation. To keep population growth in balance, we either have to increase the death rate or lower the birth rate — and the COVID shots, we now find, do both.

Vaccine Promoters Obsessed With Population Control

Interestingly, many of the people who are hard at work developing and promoting supposedly life-saving vaccines are also long-time adherents to the Malthusian theory. They believe the world is overpopulated, and that it will lead to the extinction of mankind unless something is done about it.

Bill Gates is a perfect example of someone who claims the vaccine development and distribution he funds is saving the lives of millions, while at the same time being a proponent of population control and eugenics. In a now-infamous TED Talk, he stated that “if we do a really great job on new vaccines, health care and reproductive health services, we can lower that by, perhaps, 10 to 15%.”

As noted by funeral director Chad Whisnant, common sense dictates that if a man tells you he intends to reduce the world’s population by 15% using vaccines, probably, a number of people will die because they got a vaccine. And here we are.

People are dropping like flies, yet government and media pretend as if everything’s normal. It’s not. Children and teenagers do not die in their sleep. At no time in history have several hundred athletes dropped dead in a single year.

Healthy people with no history of disease don’t just die. And never before have people had tough fibrous clots, made from some mysterious, yet-to-be-determined elastic substance, in their cardiovascular systems.

The Fibrous Clot Mystery

Richard Hirschman was the first embalmer to go public with his findings of these mysterious fibrous clots, extracted from people who died, starting in 2021. In November that year, he created a spread sheet to keep track of the size and frequency of these clots, and whether the person was known to have received a COVID shot.

During the last quarter of 2021, Hirschman found these clots in about 130 people. In all, just under 14% of the people he embalmed in that period had no significant clotting; 86% did.

In more recent months, other embalmers have joined Hirschman and started speaking out publicly about these strange fibrous structures they’re now finding. Anna Foster, an embalmer in the U.S., describes pulling out a 3-foot-long fibrous clot out of the carotid artery of one body.

Brenton Faithful, an embalmer in New Zealand, is also seeing them. Another embalmer, Wallace Hooker, gave a presentation on these odd structures at the 2022 Ohio embalmers convention. About 100 embalmers were in attendance, and nearly all of them reported that they too are coming across them.

None of these embalmers have ever, in their many decades of embalming dead bodies, seen these structures before. They only started occurring after the rollout of the COVID shots.

Funeral directors are also starting to speak out. Among them are John O’Looney, a funeral director in the U.K., whose embalmer complained to him that he was having a lot of problems getting the embalming fluid through the body of many. Like Hirschman, this embalmer pulled out long, white, stretchy, fibrous clots, which O’Looney described as having the consistency of calamari.

A Canadian embalmer, whose identity is concealed, reports finding them in 100% of the bodies embalmed over the past year. These clots are not blood clots. They’re white, stringy, stretchy, fibrous structures, but they appear to “feed” on, or grow from, blood clots attached to the ends of them. “And they are massive,” the embalmer says.

The structures take the shape of the vessel they’re forming in, starting off as a tube-shape, like a second lining inside the vessel, and over time fill in, eventually forming a massive blockage.

Aside from heart damage, which we now know is a rather common side effect of the COVID shots, it appears these fibrous structures growing in the arteries and veins of people are another reason for why people are dying suddenly. As they grow larger, they block blood flow, resulting in death.

Other Blood-Related Anomalies

Mysterious structures in the circulatory system is not the only medical mystery that has embalmers concerned. Hirschman also noticed that some deceased have “dirty blood” — small as-yet unidentified particles that look like fine grains of sand, coffee grounds or rust particles.

These are concerning, as they can enter into and accumulate in capillaries, starving tissues and organs of the oxygen they need. Embalmer Nicky Rupright King describes another similar, yet slightly different, phenomenon. The consistency of blood is different. It’s sticky. She describes the action of the blood on the table as “blood on beach sand.”

Yet another embalmer, whose identity is concealed, describes blood mysteriously separating into a clear liquid with pools or clots of blood in it. (For more information about the potential mechanisms behind this, see A Midwestern Doctor’s critique of the film.4) In other cases, the blood congeals into a jelly-like substance. Needless to say, your body cannot function if your blood is like jelly.

As noted by Hirschman, the reason his and other embalmers’ testimony is so important is because people who die are rarely autopsied, so the embalmers are the only people who get to see these anomalies.

Something Beyond Catastrophic Is Happening

As noted by Lt. Col. Dr. Theresa Long, a U.S. Army flight surgeon and whistleblower, insurance companies predict that if something truly catastrophic occurred in the U.S., we could expect a 10% increase in all-cause mortality.

In the third quarter of 2021, OneAmerica, a national mutual life insurance company based in Indianapolis, reported that the all-cause death rate of working-age Americans (18 to 64) was 40% higher than prepandemic levels, and these deaths are not related to COVID-19.5

As noted by Long, no modeling or calculations have ever been done to account for such a massive increase in all-cause mortality. “It’s apocalyptic,” she says.

In her career as an Army flight surgeon, she also has never before seen such a litany of health problems among soldiers. After the rollout of the COVID shots, soldiers started having strokes, heart attacks, myocarditis, rapid onset cancer, multiple sclerosis, cognitive impairment, miscarriages and much more, at unprecedented rates.

Long suspects that the COVID shots were developed as a lethal weapon, and that they’re doing exactly what they were designed to do. She fears the United States won’t have a standing army five years from now, thanks to the effects of these shots, which were forced onto every rank within the military.

Army Data Reveal Shocking Truth

When Long’s concerns were ignored, she, along with Lt. Col. Dr. Peter Chambers, another Army whistleblower, contacted attorney Thomas Renz. They shared with him data from the Defense Medical Epidemiology Database (DMED),6 one of the most well-kept and most heavily-relied upon medical databases in the world.

The data showed that, compared to the previous five-year averages, miscarriages were up 279% among Department of Defense (DOD) personnel in 2021, breast cancer went up 487%, nervous system disorders 1,048%, male infertility 350%, female infertility 471%, ovarian dysfunction 437%. The list goes on.

As noted by Renz during U.S. Sen. Ron Johnson’s “COVID-19: A Second Opinion” panel (see video below):7

“The Whistleblower data, this DMED database, has provided a control group of sorts. It’s military records dating back several years that supply medical codes for various medical issues that our military face such as cancers, miscarriages, neurological disorders etc.

These records provided by three military doctors … show a historical baseline of what the health of the American military was like before 2021, the year the COVID vaccine was released. What you see is quite disturbing.

From 2016 to 2020 all variations of medical conditions stay consistent. But in 2021, when the variable of the vaccine is mandated, the spike in cancers, miscarriages, infertility, you name it, jumps by factors of hundreds to thousands of percent.

Let me be crystal clear. These vaccines are injuring and sometimes even killing our military, and those in the public that are buying the ‘safe and effective’ marketing. These numbers prove it beyond a shadow of a doubt.” Link

Johnson put the DOD on notice, demanding these data be preserved and analyzed. But instead, the exact opposite happened. Within 24 hours, the database was taken offline, allegedly to “identify and correct” a supposed data corruption problem, and when it came back, the data had been altered to hide these glaringly obvious safety signals.8 Someone inside the DOD intentionally destroyed one of the best health databases in the world. Why?

The Sudden Cancer Explosion

The original DMED data showed cancers tripled among servicemen and their family members after the rollout of the COVID shots. Exploding cancer rates are also seen elsewhere. One of the first to warn that the shots might cause cancer was Dr. Ryan Cole.

He believes the shots are primarily accelerating already existing cancers, by way of immune dysregulation.9 He noticed that cancers that could normally be controlled and kept in check, giving the patient several years of quality life, once they got the COVID jab, the cancer would suddenly grow out of control and rapidly lead to death. 

Swedish pathologist, researcher and senior physician at Lund’s University, Dr. Ute Kruger, has also observed an explosion in rapidly advancing cancers in the wake of the COVID shots. For example, she’s noticed:10,11

  • Cancer patients are getting younger — The largest increase is among 30- to 50-year-olds
  • Tumor sizes are dramatically larger — Historically, 3-centimeter tumors were commonly found at the time of cancer diagnosis. Now, the tumors they’re finding are regularly 4 to 12 centimeters, which suggests they’re growing at a much faster rate than normal
  • Multiple tumors in multiple organs are becoming more common
  • Recurrence and metastasis are increasing — Kruger points out that many of the cancer patients she’s seeing have been in remission for years, only to suddenly be beset with uncontrollable cancer growth and metastasis shortly after their COVID jab

These “turbo-cancers,” as Kruger calls them, cannot be explained by delayed cancer screenings due to lockdowns and other COVID restrictions, as those days are long gone. Patients, despite having access to medical screenings as in years past, are showing up with grossly exacerbated tumor growths, and she believes this is because the cancers are being “turbo-charged” by the mRNA jabs.

The Great Reset Is a Depopulation Plan

In June 2020, World Economic Forum (WEF) founder Klaus Schwab and Prince Charles formally announced the launch of The Great Reset,12 a eugenicist movement built on the Malthusian premise of global depopulation, thinly veiled under the catch term “sustainable development.”

While most people think of things like recycling, green energy and circular economies when they hear “sustainable development,” the sustainability of world resources is dependent on depopulation.

In the Malthusian equation, you cannot sustain life on planet earth unless you control the population size. So, everything marketed under the banner of sustainable development is part of a eugenics agenda. It’s about depopulation. 

In his book, “COVID-19: The Great Reset,” Schwab describes how the pandemic serves as the springboard for a global reset into the sustainable system he and his allies have so long envisioned and worked toward.

We know that adherents to Malthusian principles and long-time eugenicist proponents such as Gates and Schwab have had a hand in planning and directing the pandemic response, which just so happens to focus on a wholly unethical marketing campaign of these experimental COVID shots that are now killing perfectly healthy people and driving birth rates off a cliff. Coincidence?

In the End, Plausible Deniability Will Not Be an Option

As noted by Steve Kirsch, government regulators, those at the very top who bear the ultimate responsibility for making sure these COVID shots are safe, are actively and intentionally refusing to look at the safety data. Why? Because they want plausible deniability. If everything falls apart, they expect to have the chance to say they were unaware. Data were withheld from them. They didn’t know. The data weren’t clear, and so on.

Well, believe me, there will be no plausible deniability for any of these people. Kirsch has personally ensured that part. He contacted nearly 300 people within the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, asking them if they would like to review crucial safety data obtained from Israel. Not a single person replied. They all ignored him.

He has offered $1 million to any health official willing to sit down with him, on camera, to review and discuss the data. None has accepted his offer. He then said they could name their price. What would it take to get someone from the CDC or Food and Drug Administration to sit down and simply review the data, on air? There were no takers.

Kirsch pursued Dr. Grace Lee, chair of the CDC’s Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices (ACIP), the highest representative for vaccine safety in the nation, by phone, email and text.

Finally, he went to her home. When she didn’t answer the door, he left a handwritten note taped to her door, asking if she would be willing to look at the Israeli data showing causality between the COVID shots and systemic injuries. She called the police on him. There’s not a snowball’s chance in hell that Lee will be able to claim plausible deniability.

Fertility Has Fallen Off a Cliff

In addition to increasing the death rate, the COVID shots are also lowering birth rates. Infertility in both men and women is up. Miscarriages are up. Premature births are up and neonatal deaths are up. Whistleblowers in the film include Michelle Gershon, a registered nurse at a postpartum ward in a major hospital in Fresno, California, and OBGYN Dr. James Thorp, who has been in practice for 43 years.

Gershon blew the whistle when she received an email from the hospital administration stating there had been 22 fetal demises in August 2022, and that fetal demises were projected to increase, month over month. Normally, they would see between one and two fetal demises every two to three months.

Thorp points out that during his career, the number of stillbirths in the U.S. came down from about 10 to 5.8 per 1,000. In 2020, the rate of stillbirths at Gershon’s hospital suddenly started climbing skyward, in 2021 hitting 29.3 per 1,000 — a 40+ sigma standard deviation from the norm. The mathematical probability of this occurring is zero %.

Data from a Canadian hospital is even worse. They’re now at 41.5 fetal demises per 1,000, a 71.4 standard deviation increase. Thorp also reports a 1,200-fold increase in menstrual abnormalities, and a substantial increase in horrific birth defects. He’s also seeing fetuses having heart attacks in the womb.

The thing is, Pfizer’s own trial data revealed shocking outcomes for pregnant women. Out of 274 pregnancy cases, only one birth was reported as normal. Pfizer and the FDA tried to hide the trial data upon which the shots were authorized for 75 years, but were forced by a judge to release them.

Meanwhile, the CDC claims the COVID jab is safe for pregnant women and their babies, and that no safety signals exist. Why did the FDA and Pfizer want to keep the data secret for 75 years? Why is the CDC claiming the complete opposite of what the data show? Is it because depopulation is an expected and desired outcome of the shots?

It’s my professional medical opinion that this is a bioweapon … unleashed against humanity with the intent to depopulate and control the population of the world. ~ Lt. Col. Dr. Theresa Long

Across the world, live births have plummeted since the rollout of the shots. Most countries report decreases between 10% and 15%, such as Germany, Norway, Greece, Finland, Sweden and England. Taiwan’s decline is around 23%. Australia, for some reason, has far surpassed everyone else in this regard, reporting a shocking 72% decline in live births, nine months after the COVID jab campaign began.13

What We’re Seeing Are Intended Outcomes

Speaking of the COVID shots, Long says:

“It’s my professional medical opinion that this is a bioweapon, and that this was a bioweapon unleashed against humanity with the intent to depopulate and control the population of the world.”

Dr. Peter McCullough agrees. “It’s achieving its goal,” he says. “If the goal was to reduce the world’s population, it’s working.” O’Looney adds:

“This was well-planned. This is Agenda 2030. This is The Great Reset. This is what it’s all about. One of the hardest things about knowing what I know is accepting that people are going to die, because they’re not going to believe it …

This is probably the most Biblical event anyone could imagine. This is World War III. This is spiritual war — good against evil. And I just hope there’s enough good in the world that we can rally to defeat it, because if we don’t, this will destroy humanity.”

Source: Accessed 3 Dec 22

Vaccinated People Make Up Majority of COVID-19 Deaths: CDC Data

Data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) showed that vaccinated and boosted people made up most of the COVID-19 deaths in August.

Of the total 6,512 deaths recorded in August 2022, 58.6 percent of the deaths were attributed to vaccinated or boosted people, and seem to be a sign of a growing trend where vaccinated individuals are increasingly becoming the majority in COVID-19 mortalities.

In January 2022, COVID-19 mortalities in the vaccinated was still the minority with 41 percent of the data related to vaccinated or boosted individuals.

However, analysis of the CDC data from June and July showed over 50 percent of deaths were being reported in vaccinated individuals, with 62 and 61 percent reported respectively.

“We can no longer say this is a pandemic of the unvaccinated,” Cynthia Cox, the vice-president of the Kaiser Family Foundation told the Washington Post in an article dated Nov. 23. 

Epoch Times Photo
COVID mortality data from September 2021 to August 2022 (Courtesy of the Kaiser Family Foundation)

Cox, while in support of COVID-19 vaccination, gave three reasons that may explain why.

One was that the majority of Americans have at least been given the primary series. Her second reason is that elderly, who have the greatest risk of dying from COVID, are also more likely to take up vaccinations.

Cox’s final reason was that the potency of the vaccine will wane over time and as variants become more resistant, and therefore recommended more booster uptake.

COVID-19 vaccination effectiveness has been shown to wane dramatically over the period of a few months, sometimes falling into negligible efficacy.

Professor Jeffrey Townsend from Yale University, biostatistician, and lead author to a research study evaluating natural and vaccinated immunity against COVID-19, wrote in an email to The Epoch Times that at this stage in the pandemic, rather than comparing the vaccinated against the unvaccinated, it is more helpful to look at an individual’s time since last exposure instead, with exposures meaning vaccinations or infections.

“Most people have had some kind of exposure, the time since last exposure, along with what the last exposure was, dictates the level of immunity and can explain most variation in susceptibility, morbidity, and mortality,” Townsend wrote.

Currently, long term studies on immunity against COVID-19 have shown that whether a person is vaccinated or infected with COVID-19, their immunity wanes over time.

Other research compared natural immunity with vaccinations often showed that vaccination tend to wane at a much higher rate than that of natural infection.

Some scientists also posited that mRNA vaccines may interfere with the body’s natural immune response. Since the current technology used in mRNA vaccines may “hide the mRNA from cellular defenses and promote a longer biological half-life and high production of spike protein,” according to a June 2022 paper published in Food and Chemical Toxicology. The spike protein is the main pathogenic part of the SARS-CoV-2 virus.

Clinicians Question ‘Pandemic of the Unvaccinated’ Narrative

Internal medical physician and cardiologist Dr. Peter McCullough told The Epoch Times that the pandemic was only driven by the unvaccinated in 2020, where there were no vaccines available, and from 2021 it was mostly the vaccinated people who were dying from COVID-19. He reasoned that it is simply because the vaccine did little to control mortality.

“[The CDC data] is far too late in drawing that conclusion, [the vaccinated] probably assumed the majority sometime during 2021,” said McCullough.

In 2020, more than 385,000 COVID deaths were documented by the CDC, whereas in 2021, when vaccinations were rolling out, there were more than 463,000 COVID-19 deaths.

By June of 2021, around 53 percent of the U.S. population had received their first dose and 44 percent were fully vaccinated.

Yet there was little difference in COVID-19 mortality cases between the first half of 2021 and the second half, with over 244,000 cases (more than 50 percent of the whole year) reported from July to December.

“It certainly can’t be a situation where we blame the unvaccinated for COVID deaths. And we certainly wouldn’t conclude that the vaccines made any impact on us as the majority of deaths happened during the era of vaccinations,” said McCullough.

Data from other countries have also demonstrated higher rates of vaccinated patients being hospitalized with COVID as vaccination rates overall rose.

As early as January 2022, hospitalization data coming out from the state of New South Wales (NSW) in Australia showed that a greater proportion of hospitalized patients were vaccinated. The vaccinated contributed to 50.3 percent of ICU presentations as compared to the 49.1 percent who were unvaccinated.

NSW was the only state that continued to track and publicize the vaccine status of the people being hospitalized in Australia. It is one of the most vaccinated places; by Nov. 24, over 80 percent of people over the age of 16 received their first boosters.

The most recent weekly data from NSW continued to show that the vaccinated make up the majority of COVID hospitalizations, ICU admission, and deaths. The most recent report, dated to Nov. 12, showed that unvaccinated patients contributed to 21 percent of COVID deaths, and less than 1 percent of hospitalizations and ICU admissions.

However, it should be noted that there was only 24 cases of COVID deaths reported in the report, with 440 hospitalizations and 40 ICU admissions, suggestive of a decline in disease severity.

Mortality data from Manitoba in Canada in the week July 31 to Aug. 6, 2022 also showed that while the boosted population made up 70 percent of all COVID mortalities, the unvaccinated contributed to less than 10 percent of deaths. This is with 43 percent of the population boosted.

Reports out of the UK also showed similar findings. A report (pdf) published on March 31, 2022 showed that almost 73 percent of COVID mortalities were in boosted individuals while 10 percent were attributed to unvaccinated people. At the time, over 57 percent of the population received a booster shot and 73 percent received their primary doses.

Unvaccinated Mortality Rates May Not Reflect the Whole Picture

McCullough added that with the decrease in overall disease severity with Omicron, the data may not present an accurate understanding on COVID deaths.

“The CDC death data has to be interpreted with caution, because they’re not adjudicated as dying of COVID. They can actually die with COVID.”

The CDC’s website currently estimates that only 10 percent of COVID-19 deaths have COVID as the contributor of deaths. Therefore, there may be cases counted as a COVID mortality even if COVID was not the primary driver for the death.

McCullough gave the example that a person may be admitted to the hospital for a heart attack and test positive on the COVID test from having contracted the disease 6 months ago.

This could imply that, for some deaths, “whether they’re vaccinated or unvaccinated is relatively irrelevant,” said McCullough.

McCullough said that studies that assess COVID hospitalizations but do not adjudicate for COVID diseases or respiratory illnesses may also not be directly reflective on the prevalence or significance of COVID diseases.

“Patients can be intermittently positive for COVID for many months after the illness. So if a patient comes in for an ankle sprain or unrelated problem, they can count it as COVID hospitalization.”

McCullough also warned that hospital studies on disease outcomes between vaccinated and unvaccinated individuals often collected vaccine data that was unsynchronized with the U.S. vaccine administration record.

“The hospital electronic medical records assume that the patient is unvaccinated unless the patient really makes the case that they are indeed vaccinated. Many patients who are on the ventilator are in the ICU, they can’t produce their vaccine card.” The CDC’s MMWR reports list people who were vaccinated but received their two primary shots less than 14 days before the initial infection as unvaccinated; another report wrote that unvaccinated also included people who could not be matched to the registry.

Correction: The Epoch Times cited the percentage in COVID deaths where COVID is the sole morbidity, rather than the percentage of COVID-contributed mortality. The percentage has been updated to 10 percent. The Epoch Times regrets the error. 

Source: The Epoch Times

The Evil of Coerced Medicine

The following is an adapted excerpt, published recently in the Washington Times, from Aaron Kheriaty, “The New Abnormal: The Rise of the Biomedical Security State” from Regnery Publishing, reprinted here with permission.

In their understandable enthusiasm to roll out the novel COVID vaccines as widely and quickly as possible in early 2021, the public health establishment succumbed to two dangerous temptations: Propaganda and coercion.

That their approach deployed these with the common good in mind (achieving herd immunity) and with good intentions (ending the pandemic as quickly as possible) does not alter the fact that such approaches were deeply misguided and represented deeply disturbing trends in public policy. Public pronouncements in the name of science could not be questioned, and behavioral outcomes could be achieved by any means necessary.

Coercive COVID vaccination mandates rested on several unproven postulates, which mainstream opinion took to be axiomatic and unassailable: (1) the vaccines were safe for everyone; (2) the vaccines were necessary for everyone; therefore, (3) any vaccine hesitancy is a public relations problem that must be overcome.

The “needle in every arm” goal was set in advance; the only deliberation permitted was about the most efficient means toward this predetermined end. Any scientist, physician, or policymaker who broke ranks to question one or more of these axioms was at best a nuisance or at worst dangerous—someone to be ignored as backward or dismissed as a threat to public health. People who asked inconvenient questions were labeled with the dismissive “anti-vax” epithet, a term that functioned to exclude them from the realm of reasonable discourse.

Some of the vaccine propaganda would have been laughable if it wasn’t so clearly displaying sanctimonious contempt for its audience. Consider a televised public service announcement from Ohio’s Department of Health: a friendly immunologist clears up misinformation about what’s in a COVID vaccine by explaining, “There are just a few simple ingredients: water, sugar, salt, fat, and most importantly, a building block for protein. … That’s less stuff than a candy bar or a can of pop.”

The absurd message suggests that vaccine risks are no different from the risks of eating a candy bar or drinking a soda—clearly government-sponsored misinformation if that word means anything. The condescension on display also tells you all you need to know about what Ohio’s public health officials think of the intelligence of the average citizen.

Aside from what was said, the most egregious form of propaganda was the vaccine-related information that was deliberately withheld or deemphasized. As mentioned earlier, the New York Times reported in February 2022: “Two full years into the pandemic, the agency leading the country’s response to the public health emergency [the CDC] has published only a tiny fraction of the data it has collected.”

For example, when the agency “published the first significant data on the effectiveness of boosters in adults younger than 65 … it left out the numbers for a huge portion of that population: 18- to 49-year-olds, the group least likely to benefit from extra shots.” The CDC’s stated reason for withholding much of its data was that it did not want to increase vaccine hesitancy.

The result was messaging from public health officials that sounded indistinguishable from the marketing departments of Pfizer, Moderna, and Johnson & Johnson. Granted, public health communications must be simplified for broad consumption; but there is a key difference between simplifying information for the layperson and dumbing it down to manipulate the masses, or deliberately suppressing information that might undermine a predetermined public policy.

This was not public education but a manipulative effort at behavioral control. In the most precise meaning of the term, it was propaganda. Large swaths of the public who were not hypnotized by the repetition of memes could sense, even if they could not explain, that they were subjected to manipulation.

As vaccination rates approached 50 percent in the United States, vaccine updates slowed by April 2021. Reports began to emerge of serious side effects, and studies from Israel, which started its mass vaccination campaign before the United States, suggested that vaccine efficacy waned rapidly.

Public health efforts pivoted from propaganda to heavy-handed nudges and bribes. Several states entered vaccinated citizens into lotteries awarding cash prizes of $1 million or more. Other states and cities launched promotions for vaccination ranging from free beer in New Jersey to raffles for full-ride college scholarships in New York and Ohio to a free marijuana joint in Washington for those who took the jab. (The latter brought to, naturally, by people who sincerely care about your health.)

When these nudges didn’t work, officials simply mandated the vaccines, with severe penalties for those who declined. As my own institution, the University of California, prepared to issue its vaccine mandate, I argued publicly in the pages of the Wall Street Journal in June 2021 that university vaccine mandates violated foundational principles of medical ethics, including the principle of informed consent.

Although the minimal conditions for justifying vaccine mandates were never close to being met, institutions embraced these misguided policies with little meaningful public discussion and no debate.

Source: The Epoch Times

Halt Vaccination of Young People Until Vaccine-Linked Myocarditis Is Studied: MIT Professor

Dissenting views about the COVID-19 narrative have been censored: Retsef Levi

Retsef Levi, a former Israeli military intelligence officer, an expert in risk management and health systems, and a professor at The Massachusetts Institute of Technology Sloan School of Management, coauthored a paper that found a 25 percent rise in heart attack emergency calls among young Israelis after the country’s rollout of the COVID genetic vaccine.

Levi argues that there is enough data from this and various other studies on the vaccine’s adverse heart effects, to stop its use and run a thorough investigation into why many once-healthy young people suffer or die from heart inflammation after being vaccinated.

“The main question that we need to ask ourselves is, do we have enough evidence from this study and many other studies, to say halt!” Levi said during a recent interview with Epoch TV’s “American Thought Leaders” program. “We’re going to stop these vaccines, for young individuals, but maybe overall, and we’re going to take the time to really look very, very carefully and scrutinize every piece of data and bring together every possible piece of data to understand what is the answer.”

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Retsef Levi: Leaked Videos Show How Israeli Authorities Are ‘Actively Hiding Critical Information About Side Effects of the Vaccines’

Levi has worked extensively in the areas of analytics and modeling, looking at issues of risk management in the field of healthcare and other related systems. Mainly, analyzing data sets to see what they reveal about quality, safety, risks, etc.

His coauthored paper in Nature Scientific Reports looked at Israel’s national emergency calls in the first five months of 2021 and found a 25 percent increase in cardiac arrest and heart attacks in men aged 16-39 as compared to the year before the national vaccine rollout.

The study found, “a temporal correlation between this increase starting in early 2021, and the launch of the vaccination campaign in Israel,” said Levi.

The paper does not conclude a causal relationship between the vaccine and the observed increase in heart problems, but it definitely gives enough evidence to warrant an in-depth investigation said, Levi.

Further, Israel’s health ministry should want to know why there was an increase in heart problems; but instead, they “launched an attack on us, both in the public domain, as well as even actively trying to approach the journal and asked the journal to retract the paper,” said Levi.

Epoch Times Photo
An artist rendering of a heart and SARS-CoV-2 virus particles. (By Lightspring)

Sound Scientific Process Abandoned

There is a lot of data that strongly suggests an increase in myocarditis or death in young people who have been vaccinated. Levi believes that the haste with which the vaccines were produced, approved, and deployed, neglected safety and best practices for rolling out vaccines.

This deviation from basic sound scientific principles has put health officials in Israel and the United States, “in a situation where you essentially cannot admit any wrong anymore because that will imply that you did something very, very disastrous,” said Levi. “We approve it in a very expedited way, and we approve it to everybody regardless of the risk, and that was basically the fundamental mistake that we’ve done. And I think everything else can be explained by that.”

There was strong early evidence, including a 2020 study done by Stanford University researchers John Ioannidis and colleagues concluding that people under 65, with no comorbidities, had very little risk of death from COVID-19 and should have helped target vaccines to the high-risk populations.

Levi believes health agency officials and governments should not have required vaccinations for healthy young people, and by doing so, “put them in a situation when they take an unknown risk that now we know is actually, in some cases pretty substantial, and could really compromise the future of young people and including causing their death.”

Epoch Times Photo
Florida Surgeon General Dr. Joseph Ladapo. (York Du/The Epoch Times)

Mounting Evidence Against Vaccinating Youth

Florida Surgeon General Dr. Joseph Ladapo, recently advised Floridians not to vaccinate healthy young people, because he found an 84 percent increase in heart problems among young men. While his study also does not prove a causal relationship, “at the very least, this should just raise your concerns that something really, really disturbing is happening here,” said Levi.

Levi thinks the public should look at a variety of studies when determining the safety of any vaccine or health guidance, and that Ladapo’s findings are in keeping with a large body of evidence that supports his guidance, even though the mainstream is dismissing this evidence.

Levi believes Ladopo was correctly following the mounting evidence of vaccine-related heart problems and deaths, and the principle of “do no harm.” “Ladopo was saying, I don’t feel comfortable to continue to give these vaccines to young individuals, given the evidence that I have,” said Levi.

Fear Is Destroying Health Systems

“I actually think that the regulatory agencies, with the support of some scientists in the media, are essentially representing a very extreme approach and a very dangerous approach, if I may say, because again, they are undermining the fundamentals of proper scientific and medical work,” said Levi. “And I’m very, very concerned about the future of science, the future trust in science and medicine.”

Fear has caused many people to make poor decisions said, Levi. “What I realized is that in many cases, it [fear] shuts down intellect, rationale, ethics, [and] scared people can do very, very bad things to each other.”

This fear caused health officials to abandon reason and prevented them from looking at the whole health of an individual, including the mental, emotional, and physical aspects, especially in the case of young people said, Levi.

Consequently, young people have been deeply affected, with among other things, a loss of education, weight gain, increased anxiety, and depression, much of which could have been prevented had leaders used a holistic and science-based approach to mitigating the threats of the pandemic, Levi said.

Epoch Times Photo
A cyclist with a trailer for children passes a “Beach Closed” sign on the boardwalk in Miami Beach, Fla., on March 22, 2020. (Cliff Hawkins/Getty Images)

We have failed our children, said Levi.

“And to me, that’s not only a scientifical scientific flaw, but this is also an ethical flaw. This is an ethical failure, that as a society, we then [did not] put the young and the children as a top priority. That, to me, that’s what the society is supposed to do.”

The lockdown protocol used around the world failed miserably, especially in China said, Levi.

“What is striking to me is that freedom is a fundamental value of democratic societies, but it’s also a fundamental value of science,” but was largely ignored, said Levi.

Instead, those in democratic societies used the most draconian policies to take away fundamental freedoms and in the scientific realm, people were “essentially imposing censorship mechanisms that I’ve never seen, in my over 16 years as a scientist, I’ve never seen something close to that,” said Levi.

Israel 4th dose vaccine
A medical worker prepares to give 62-year-old Moshe Geva Rosso a fourth dose of the COVID-19 vaccine, at Sheba Medical Center in Ramat Gan, Israel, on Dec. 31, 2021. (Nir Elias/Reuters)

Israel’s Vaccine Monitoring

“The Ministry of Health (MOH) in Israel, is actively hiding critical information about side effects of the vaccines from the Israeli public,” said Levi. In addition, the health ministry did not have a functional monitoring system for vaccine adverse effects until recently.

This is a critically important fact because Israel has been at the forefront of requiring their citizens to get vaccinated and boosted, having signed a contract with Pfizer early on in the pandemic, “that essentially made Israel a worldwide lab for the rest of the world,” said Levi.

Israel only started to broadly monitor adverse side effects at the end of 2021, and hired a team to research what they found regarding adverse effects, which is why they leaked a video showing Israel’s health ministry discussing the issue,  said Levi.

The Israeli MOH commissioned researchers to analyze adverse event reports submitted by Israelis. The researchers presented findings from the new surveillance system at an internal June meeting, video footage of which was obtained by an Israeli journalist. This research team’s findings are contrary to the health ministry’s claim that the adverse events, if any, are short-term.

Many of the side effects are in fact, not short term. These health problems, “actually last weeks, months, and sometimes over a year. When I say side effects, I talk about menstrual irregularities, I talk about serious neurological side effects, and so forth,” said Levi.

In these videos, the team of researchers is heard advising the Israeli health ministry to use caution when speaking to the public about the vaccines’ adverse health effects.

“It seems that the Ministry of Health in Israel took this to their attention because when you look at the actual report that they post in the public domain, they essentially took out a lot of the messages, a lot of the findings that were found by the research team that they hired. And moreover, they misrepresented the data, and misrepresented the reporting rates of the different side effects and made them look like very, very rare,” said Levi.

The reports that the ministry put up for the Israeli public to see were clearly manipulated said, Levi.

“And essentially, these reports are representing only six months out of a year and a half, and only 15 to 17 percent of the population in Israel, rather than the entire population and all the doses that were given in Israel.”

The Epoch Times reached out to Israel’s MOH for comment but had not receive a reply before publishing time.


“So, now I have a situation when every time they take the vaccine I see the same response, that is called rechallenge,” said Levi. A positive rechallenge was reported in 10 percent of the women who complained of menstrual issues, according to the researchers, who also identified cases of rechallenge for other adverse events.

The phenomenon of rechallenge—when adverse events reoccur or worsen following additional vaccine doses—proved that some of the events were caused by the vaccine, researchers said.

Dr. Sharon Alroy-[Preis], who is the number two healthcare official in the Ministry of Health, when interviewed on Israeli TV said the adverse reactions that women are facing with things like menstrual irregularities were fleeting, and of no great concern.

“In fact, there are women that suffer from weeks and months, and over a year sometimes, of irregular menstrual cycles and different types of irregularities,” said Levi. “And there is no acknowledgment from anybody in the Ministry of Health, there is no acknowledgment that I’m aware of, from any health authority or health agency in the world, [that] hey, there is a problem here.”

Eroded Trust

“And the worst thing is they ignore the voice of the patient.”

Public health agencies around the world, including the United States and Israel, have not been transparent about the vaccines and the adverse events from the shots, said Levi, to such an extent that it takes a lawsuit to get the data they have collected.

The public should be told, “what is the impact of these vaccines on all-cause mortality and other health outcomes in a way that is informative, so that people can make their risk-benefit decision based on their age, health background,  beliefs, whatever. But this is unheard of that health agencies behave in a way that you need to take them to court to release data,” said Levi.

These agencies need to return to basic principles of transparency and empathy, fundamental to public health, in order to eliminate the mistrust created by the lack of honesty during the pandemic.

Source: The Epoch Times