Global Treaty is Planned Mandating Jabs and V-Passports

An article by Joseph Mercola (you can get his full filmed COV!D Revealed interview HERE) reports:

BREAKING NEWS via Lifesite News: There is an International Pandemic Treaty, proposed by the WHO, that empowers the WHO to mandate Cvd jabs and v-passports globally. 

The negotiations for this treaty began March 3, 2022. As reported by The Pulse:

“Coming off the back of the COVID-19 pandemic, the World Health Organization is proposing a new pandemic treaty they’re hoping will be accepted by enough member countries to become a reality by 2024.”

This could potentially expand the WHO’s power to dictate health care policy worldwide and censor health information. 

Did you know that when people are injured because of the WHO’s policies, there’s no accountability? 

… It’s because the WHO has diplomatic immunity!

(Mercola) – The globalist cabal wants to monopolize health systems worldwide, and a stealth attack is already underway in the form of an international pandemic treaty…

Over the past two years, in the name of keeping everyone “safe” from infection, there have been unprecedented attacks on our democracy, civil liberties and personal freedoms, including the right to choose your own medical treatment.

Now, the WHO wants to make its pandemic leadership permanent, and to extend it into the health care systems of every nation.

It’s just a continuation of The ultimate power grab.

If we don’t take action, more mandates and restrictions will be imposed.

More freedoms will be lost…and they won’t be coming back once they’re gone. 

We need to expose the unblemished truth.

THIS is where the truth about COV!D is REVEALED for a limited time.

Source: Revealed Films